Take time to check…

Ok so exams are over at the end of today – bring on the relaxation, Netflix binging, remote control hogging time tonight!

But before you block Uni from your ‘holiday ready’ mind… take time to check on a few things…

Have you re enrolled for Semester 2?

You may say – yeah sure I have re enrolled already – but double check you are included the core subjects (compulsory ones to get your degree)

Remember that your 6 month v-permit parking needs renewing

If you use the v-permit parking, and you have a 6 month pass like me, soon it will be time to renew. I have totally forgotten about this during the holiday break before and received a parking fine for my forgetfulness, so please learn from my mistake and renew or use other method for payment. For more information on v-permit parking and other forms of avoiding a ticket… follow this link.

Check your Student email

Ensure you check your student email whilst on holidays for any updates or changes that may affect you – it is the way Uni communicates with us.

Well that’s it for this week – good luck for the rest of your exams and enjoy your break!