Plan for the unexpected…

During my exam this week, there were so many students running late and coming in during the reading time, and one of them just before the cut off. Phew!

Talking with my friends after our exam, I found out that there was a car accident causing massive delays, and for another, public transport was not running on time either.

I imagine the stress of potentially missing an exam due to these delays, or being late is overwhelming, and doesn’t help to get you in the right frame of mind to perform at your best during an exam.

So… we need to plan for the unexpected… especially if you are travelling during peak hour. Get here early, – Leave earlier than you need too and plan that you might experience a delay. Check the metro website for any planned public transport works or delays. I am one of those people who are so far the other way early it is ridiculous, but before my exams I like to take a walk, listen to music and have a coffee to relax before hand. So, if you do get here too early, take a walk to help calm those exam nerves.

Good luck from all of us at the blog… we have our fingers crossed for you!