Staying Motivated During Exam Block…

This week I have found it really hard to stay focused and it got me thinking about how we can push through exams and stay on track when we have an exam later in the block.  For me it is feeling like the semester is never going to end at this point, with 2 exams left to go…


So, how can we stay motivated?

1.  Study with Friends


Not only is it more fun to have a little people time (if you are that way energised) but studying in a group helps, as you can spend time teaching each other concepts, discussing them, writing up notes and checking your understanding with each other.  It is also a great way to catch up on anything you may have missed if you were unwell etc. during semester.

2.  Plan and Divide up your day


I like to study in 40 min blocks – you will know what works for you.  I divide them up with 20 min breaks and an hour over lunch where I get out of the house for a walk, or a drive to get a coffee.  My last study block for the day starts at 2pm ensuring I get a really good break before the next day.  This works for me, but we are all very different, so do what works for you.

3.  Stay organised


I keep each subjects’ notes in their own piles.  They each have study cards that I can take with me if I work and can review during my breaks.  I make a plan at the beginning of each week, accounting for work and family commitments and I keep it.  This helps to reduce my stress around study. I still check emails, plan my meals and once an exam is over, those notes are gone!  Filed away for good.  Being organised is less work than feeling stressed and having stuff all over the place.  Give it a go, organise your day the night before and stick to it.  You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

4.  Reward yourself


I love a movie… so if I have stuck to my schedule within reason, a movie it is.  For you it might be a delicious dinner out, shopping or hanging with friends.  Whatever motivates you, use it as a reward for yourself.  Rewarding yourself is a great way to train yourself that if you do something challenging, you will feel good after it.


What works for you?  Do you use any of these methods too?

Leave your comments below for your fellow students to get ideas about how to stay motivated during exam block.

HELP is available!

If you need a little help coping with exam pressure, or staying organised, La Trobe Student Health and Well Being are here to support you.  Click on this link to connect and get the help you need.

Other Services:

  • After-hours Counselling – 1300 687 327 (5pm – 9am weekdays, 24 hours weekends, and public holidays)
  • Lifeline – 24/7 telephone counselling on 13 11 14, or chat online (7pm – 4am, 7 days)
  • Kids Helpline – available if you are 25 years old or younger. 24/7 telephone counselling on 1800 55 1800