Week 12 – We Have Got This!

I am sitting here writing this blog, feeling the weight of assessments and much needed study on my shoulders and really all I want to do is curl up and watch a movie, eat pizza and rest. Sound familiar?

As students we have this strange intense period of work load, stress, lack of sleep and even the most organised of us can still feel overwhelmed. The lure of Semester break keeps me pushing forward, telling myself, I can rest up in June, but really with all the things we juggle as students, this is not always realistic. I confess, I have overdone it this week. I have had too many late nights, worked, helped others out when I should have set boundaries and simply not looked after myself.

I had a chat with a friend yesterday, and her advice was simple… don’t over do it – you won’t learn anything when you are exhausted anyway. You know what? She is right. It was a real reality check, because normally I seem to have it all together. It was such a relief to admit and chat to someone that I just felt like a mess. As soon as I acknowledged it, relief came.

So, here is what I am going to do:

  • I am stepping back.
  • I am going to block out longer breaks
  • Ensure I am in bed at a reasonable time
  • Ask for help when I need it and,
  • Admit that I do no have it all together.
  • I am having movie night on Friday and will enjoy a yummy dinner.
  • As a bonus, I am going to get a massage.

These may not work for you, but whatever helps you relax, whatever helps you feel like you are getting a break away from the pressure end of semester brings… it’s time to do it. There are lots of hints and tips floating around Uni at the moment on how to finish well and how to prepare for exams, so I am not going to reiterate those here. What I am going to say is this…

Check in with yourself – are you ok? If not, talk to your friends or seek help to get your balance back


Practice a little mindfulness or begin to acknowledge some of the things you are grateful for each day to help change your mindset, and increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress. I have been sticking up post its on my mirror for the things I am grateful for, and reading these this morning reset my attitude for the day. So it really helps!

Ask for help if you need it – it is okay not to have it all together – none of us do. Help is available here on campus at the counselling service and The Learning Hub for academic support if you need it.


Ok this is not new information but… Get good sleep, eat well and go for that walk – you will feel better for it, have more energy and when it comes time to study you will be more alert.

We are so close and with a little self love and rest at the right times, we have got this!