Improve your note taking!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been shown a few ways of note taking that I hadn’t explored before. I was also reminded of the important role hand writing plays in the retention of what you are writing down being far more effective than typing notes. So let’s get pen to paper!


Many of us simply print out the PowerPoint slide notes or write notes word for word from our lecturer, or from our readings rather than summarising or questioning what we are learning. So, if this resonates with you, take the time to read through a few of these method and get your notes on track.

The Cornell Method


This method helps you take your notes, reflect on your notes and review your notes. Check out the information on the Achieve@uni Website that covers the Cornell Method.  There is a Video – Cornell Note Taking that explains how to use this method.

Mind Mapping

This is a visual map of concepts, theories and ideas, laid out so you can see connections between the central subject, while you organise your notes around this idea. I found the clip below helped me futher understand mind mapping, but again, there is loads of information if you google it, and see what works for you.


T Note and Outline Methods and recap on Cornell:

Here is another clip from the Achieve@uni website that gives a brief outline of the Cornell, T Note and Outline Methods, whilst giving you a quick checklist using the acronym LISTEN to be proactive about your study.


So whether your notes are handwritten, typed, on study cards or mind maps full of colour, the key is to find what works for you and be proactive about your studies.


For more information of any of these or other note taking styles, do a little research, search for YouTube clips that explain it for you. Or head on over to The Learning Hub to see a Peer Learning Advisor for further clarification. Good luck!