Allocate Plus – Everything you need to know about Timetabling…

Welcome to your first blog for 2019!  I for one am feeling more relaxed after a road trip with my kids.  In fact, I am still on it and about to head to Port Macquarie for some much needed beach time.


But, we need to remember a few key dates about our timetables heading into Semester 1.  For those of you who are new to La Trobe this year Allocate Plus is your go to for all your timetabling needs and there are a few dates and some terminology you will need to take not of to be on top of getting it all sorted.


This is the program used to establish our timetables here at La Trobe.  This link has loads of information and support, providing an overview so that you can easily navigate your way around timetabling and the different stages, such as preference mode and allocation adjustment mode.


Preference Mode

This is exciting I know… ad it opens Monday 7th January and closes on Thursday 31st January 2019

View the availability of class times and enter your preferences to suit your other classes, work and life commitments.  This doesn’t guarantee that you will get your first preferences, but you will be able to sort out the best options available.

Allocation Adjustment

This will open at 3pm on Thursday 7th February 2019 but will be staggered over two days.  For school specific times, check in with this link and know when your turn will be.

This is when the timetables are released from preference mode, and you may be able to move classes around if there is another availability you prefer.  This is first in first served, so log in quick to give yourself the best opportunity to gain access to the times you need.


Check back here to ensure you have the latest information on dates for 2019. – Don’t forget to add these dates to your calendar and good luck!