Summer School – Have you thought about it?

Summer 1 2018/2019 is already into Week 3…


but wait… you can plan for Summer 2 and Summer 3 in 2019.

Here are the summer teaching period dates:


Teaching period Dates Census Date
Summer 1 (2018/2019) (12 weeks) 5 November 2018-15 February 2019 8 December 2018
Summer 2 (6 weeks) 7 January – 15 February 2019 19 January 2019
Summer 3 (2 weeks) 4 February – 15 February 2019 7 February 2019
Exam period: Summer 1, 2 and 3 19 February – 22 February 2019


How to enrol


If you are a current student, just check that you meet the prerequisites for the subject (if there are any) then you can enrol via your Student On Line account.

for Deferred students wanting to get ahead starting back in Summer, you will need to contact the Future Students team and they will help you enrol.


The Benefits:

Summer school is great if you want to:

  • get ahead – get your degree finished sooner so that you can begin your career.
  • catch up – have you struggled with a subject or needed to take time off?  Summer school can help you catch up.
  • spread out your work load to make time for other commitments. This one is great for those of us who need to work more to support life away from home, or children.

Search here for what subjects are available. You can refine your search by campus, time frame, discipline and year level.  Good luck!