Consent Matters…

Hello again.. this one is a brief but serious blog… and I can’t stress enough, please read to the end and take action.

Keep yourself and others safe by being informed, and having a true understanding of what CONSENT really means…



Here is what you can do to make a difference:

La Trobe have introduced a module called ‘Consent Matters’, to help create awareness, educate and prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The course itself covers the areas of sexual consent, communication and relationships as well as positive bystander intervention strategies. 

All students are expected to complete the module.

You can find these modules on your LMS Subject Page, and it doesn’t take very long to watch the content, and take a quick 10 question quiz to consolidate what you have learnt.

I have done mine already, and found my ignorance confronting… I thought I understood what was OK… but I learnt that the age of consent is actually different in some states in Australia.  I just though it was all 16… but no… I was wrong.  Log in to the LMS… and get informed.  How to respond as a bystander was also really helpful.. no matter what you know so far, there is something to learn, or skills to improve on in this module.


Even if you think you already have a great understanding, we have a duty of care to each other and to ourselves to be better informed so we make safe choices.