The Finish!

Just as important to the start is the finish. You want to end on a high note. You want to finish strong. The middle makes the journey worth it but the end is the culmination of everything.


Exams are around the corner which is equal parts exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. But really, you don’t have to stress. As long as you know the content and you’ve put in the work, there’s really nothing to be worried about.

Exam timetables can be found here.

You’ve been working towards this exam the whole semester but if you’re still nervous anyway, go ahead and try to do things that help you calm yourself down.


Drink water, that almost always helps. Talk to your friends about a random topic that’s not uni related. Revise, if you have to. Listen to calming music, listen to rock metal, listen to white noise, whatever works. Self-care before an exam is just as better as the reward you’re going to definitely give yourself after completing it.

I hope that this semester has been good to you and I hope that you all had the best time. Uni is a bit of a double edged sword in that- it stresses you out with all the work you have to do but can also calm you down too, especially with the right company. At the end of the day, you make and cater your uni experience to yourself so I hope that you have made it good and memorable and fun.

That said, this is actually my last post on this blog! I know, cue the tears!


I genuinely have had such a good time working with my co-bloggers and the STAR team and seeing you guys at the workshops and events that we run. But we all have to leave at some point to gain new experiences. I’ve had the best time at La Trobe- it has changed me, molded me, pushed me, prepared me for what’s to come, and so on. I leave with a heart that is full and content. I hope you will, too, eventually.


I will love you and leave you right here,

Veashka x