Summer Subjects!

I know the prospect of studying over the summer is not the most pleasant but hear me out, we do get so much time during the summer that by the middle of it, we don’t know what to do with a lot of it.


I have previously talked about and endorsed summer school before and I stand by it. It is one of the best ways to utilise all this time you have on your hands, especially if you’re not going travelling or have other more important responsibilities (going to the beach everyday doesn’t count, unfortunately).

Summer school has three different study period options for you to allow for more flexibility:

Browse this link to know more!


Current students who meet the prerequisites of the subjects that they want to do may enrol via StudentOnline. If the subject requires Subject Coordinator approval, a Variation of Enrolment form should be completed and signed by the Subject Coordinator (it would be best to also email the coordinator to personally let them know you’re interested in their subject, they appreciate those a lot). This form may then be presented to your course administrator who will enrol you in the subject.


The list of available subjects for the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce as well as for the College of Science, Health and Engineering are now up! Head to this link. Be sure to double check the Subject Search Database though, just so you are certain your chosen subject is running.

Have a think about summer school, maybe you’ll thank yourself for it. Good luck!