Maths Hub Pop Up – help is here for first year students

This is timely support for all of us who need a little extra help with Maths and Stats leading up to exams.


Are you are a first year student, currently enrolled in any of the following subjects?

  • STA1LS – Statistics for Life Sciences
  • STA1PSY – Statistics for Psychology
  • MAT1CDE – Calculus and Differential Equations
  • PHY1LS – Physics for Life Sciences
  • PHY1SCB – Principles of Physics B
  • HBS3NPM – Biomechanics of Normal and Pathological Movement
  • ELE1IEL – Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ever feel like you don’t get enough time to grasp all the concepts and you need a little more support to get the marks you want?

Great news!

There is a new Maths Hub Pop Up that will help you with the Maths and Stats involved in these subjects.

Starting Monday 9th October, the Hub will be open Monday – Friday, 10am till 2pm in Library Room 2.23, until the end of Exam Week 2 (10th November).

Good luck and I leave you with this…



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