Rundown of Reminders: Uni Break Edition

Hello! I hope you all are enjoying your well deserved break, I know I am… well, kind of. I have a presentation to prepare for and a report to write but it’s fine. A break is a break and we’ll take it! I hope you come out of this break ready and refreshed to get on with uni and finish strong! A key to a good mid semester break is balance and to achieve this, a well-planned schedule is the best way to go.

This break, make time for yourself. Do the indulgent things you may not always have the time for during the packed semester. Go read a book for pleasure, go hiking, watch a movie (or three!), eat several brunches, workout everyday to release endorphins! Do all that!


…but don’t get lax and forget about the responsibilities you most definitely still have because of uni.

Balance is key.

Speaking of taking care of yourself,

#HOW2UNI: Your Health and Well-Being 


There’s a workshop on the 3rd of October (Tuesday) at TLC 114 from 1 PM to 2 PM that focuses on self-care. Come and learn how to further balance your study-life-work commitments as well as talk about taking the time to care for yourself. Achieving this balance is a constant thing that we all are striving for, this workshop will help you not be so hard on yourself when the balance isn’t as perfect as you would want it to be.

Register here!

Internships! Get your internships!

This is a workshop catered to help us source our own placements and exactly what we need to do to get started. Students will learn how to identify a suitable organisation, discover how to target professional networks, and learn how to execute a successful approach. Internship is the best way to gain relevant real-life work experience while receiving credit for it in our degrees.
The workshop will be at Library Seminar Room 1.34 from 12 pm to 1:30 pm on Wednesday, October 4.
Everyone is welcome! Register here to attend!
I hope you’re having a great time during the break! Cherish and savour it. Prepare for the next weeks, they’re going to be hard but we’re all going to get through it. I’m rooting for us. See y’all next week!