Health Check Up!

Following through on R U OK? day which was Thursday (the 14th of September) of last week (more information about it here), I think its just as important to check on ourselves as it is to check on others. Sometimes, we don’t feel exactly how overwhelmed and in need of a good release until we actually go and do it, until we go and seek someone out to help us or even just listen to us rant, vent, or express whatever we want to.


I myself have had quite a few of those days where I just want to talk to someone and have someone talk to me about their problems or the inconveniences in their life. It’s such a satisfying form of release. Satisfying as well as almost instantaneous release of all the tension in my body and brain.

La Trobe has a lot of health services that you should tap into- whether it’s for physical health or mental health and so on.

Medical Centre

The La Trobe University Medical Centre is only a short walk from the centre of the university on Corner Plenty Road & Kingsbury Drive. This is the primary provider of care for everyone at LTU.

Contact Number: (03) 9473 8885




There is also a counselling service that provides advice and promotes psychological and social development for students in order for us to optimise our opportunities for academic success. They are happy to talk about study-related issues as well as any personal problems, family and relationship issues, or if you need a sounding board for your significant life decisions. Counselling is confidential and free.

Location: Level 2, Peribolos East

Telephone: (03) 9479 2956





The Student Development Advising Program and the Peer Learning Advisers are also good services to tap into, depending on what you are struggling with or want to talk to about.

More services can be found on this link.

I hope this helps you out and I hope this encourages you to seek some help. We simply cannot live our lives in isolation when there are good people out there who are willing and able to lend us a hand. Good luck! I hope you’re staying healthy. See ya!