Career Ready Mentoring

Yesterday, Alejandro wrote about a few resources that everyone who is looking for a job can tap into. You can read that blog post here. But if you want an even deeper dive into getting Career Ready (or think you have some knowledge you can impart unto other people!), I suggest you register for the Career Ready Mentoring program.

Career Ready Mentoring

This is a program that connects students, alumni and professionals while also supporting students and mentors through a rewarding program of learning, networking, and professional development.


In this program, you will be matched with industry professionals in your area of interest who will share their experience and expertise with you. It’s quite possibly the best way to get inspired and encouraged about life after university, especially if you’re feeling on edge about graduating and going into the ~real~ world and what direction you want to head in.

Some advantages about being in the program are being able to:

  • Establish and grow your professional network
  • Develop your skills, expertise and industry knowledge
  • Determine some clarity over career direction
  • Identify potential internship and graduate roles
  • Enhance your resume and job search knowledge

There are three mentoring programs in place to provide the right support for you.

Eligibility: Currently enrolled students can apply at any stage of their degree, upon successful completion of the Mentee Membership profile.

The program is extremely flexible so the frequency and length of the meetings are negotiable between you and your mentor.


Thinking and even doing stuff for a future career can get tough and daunting (trust me, I’m currently in the same boat) so I reckon we should take all the help and mentoring we can get. Just stay true to what you like and what you believe in and listen to good advice and I’m sure all the right pieces will fall into place.