Resources to Find a Job!

Hello everyone! I hope your week 7 adventures are going well. Have you been thinking of finding a job? Finding a casual or part time job while studying is a great way to gain experience and make some money. That said, finding a job is easier said than done, especially if you have little or no experience. The requirements in job descriptions seem to be getting more and more difficult as time goes by. This struggle applies particularly to us students. But do not despair, my friends. There is always someone out there to give you a hand! Here are some resources that can help you get a job.



Career Ready

We have our very own Career Ready team here at uni to help us out. They have a bunch of tips and tricks to help you find casual, part-time and even full time work. They can help you out with cover letters and resumes so you can put together the best job application possible. If you are looking for work, make sure you visit one of the career advisers now. There’s also a blog with a bunch of information that you may find useful. I used Career Ready to get my current job, so it does work




Another way to find jobs is to join Unitemps. They are a recruitment agency exclusively for La Trobe students! When you register with them, you will start receiving job alerts for opportunities every week. I registered with them a while ago and I get job alerts to my email quite regularly, so it’s definitely a good place to look into. I wrote a blog about Unitemps a while ago, so go check it out.


Work Experience Subjects

There is a new work experience subject called SHE3FRW – Future Ready for Work. The subject’s aim is to allow students to get some real life work experience as part of their study plan.  If you want to enroll, you need to have a third year elective available in your study plan. You can do this subject over the summer to take advantage of that time and make next year a little bit lighter with one less subject. Read Veashka’s post for all the info.



Also, make sure you keep an eye on CareerHub regularly. There are new job postings being added everyday. And make use of your network! Ask your family and friends if they know about anyone that’s hiring. You need to tap into the huge hidden job market that’s out there. Good luck with your search and see you in another post!

Pro tip: There’s going to be a Jobs Fair at Northland Shopping Centre on 7th and 8th of September, so go check it out!