It’s Crunch Time!

Who has two thumbs and has a mid semester exam in two weeks?

….probably, most of us. So that means, most of us are in crunch time. Now’s the time to get it together, catch up on lectures, finish all outstanding assessments, and take care of everything else so that we can hone in our energies unto revising for our exams.


There is no magic solution to setting out your priorities and accomplishing all your tasks on time. You simply have to just buck up and do the work. You have to push through distractions and do your dues.

This does get challenging and we definitely know it seeing as we’ve written a lot about it. One of which can be found here! In that post, my co-blogger Alejandro, talks about the different things you can do to prepare for your mid semester exams.

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Procrastinating and putting things off may be super tempting but it is during these times that we have to put delayed gratification over instant gratification. Sometimes the best things are when you’ve waited and worked hard for them the most.


Exams are a whole different beast compared to online quizzes and lab questionnaires but they are really not as bad as everyone makes it seem- with the caveat that you actually know your topic and what you’ll be tested in.

Make sure you’ve learned all the pieces of information that your lecturers and demonstrators have given you then try to teach it to your cat or dog (the best way to know if you have internalised something is if you can teach it to someone or, in this case, something else) and don’t stress too hard. Sometimes, half the battle is talking yourself down from the anxious stupor you’ve psyched yourself up to because of everything you’ve heard about exams. Don’t worry too much!

Good luck to you and to me! I’m rooting for all of us!