Census Dates! Know your options!

Hello hello! Check Important dates!

Last week we gave you a little reminder this was coming up, seriously we are just trying to help you hold onto your cash.


If you have been thinking about withdrawing form a subject, you need to know these Census Dates so you don’t pay for a subject you are not doing.


Tuesday 22nd August 2017 – this is the date you withdraw by to avoid paying the subject fee, and receiving a fail grade on your student academic record.

Wednesday 20th September 2017 – this is the day you need to withdraw by to avoid receiving a fail grade on your student academic record, however you will still need to pay the subject fees.

To stay informed on all of these important dates, check out this link.  There are dates here listed for online study periods that are different to the Semester 2 dates.

If you need advice considering your options, make a time to see the Student Development Advisors (SDA’s).