There’s No I in Team

That saying is a classic cliché and has been uttered so many times but it remains true.

Usually whenever the teacher or demonstrator announces that there is group work require for the course, a collective groan can be heard throughout the class. Safe to say, no one really enjoys group work but it’s a necessity and a good skill to have, especially out in the ~real world~ doing your ~real job~ that you got with your degree that you earned by engaging in group work from time to time……………….. See? It’s a cycle. Time is a flat circle.


For a team to work, everyone has to do their part. Seems pretty straightforward, yeah? But it’s harder to execute than we think, especially when there are people in the team that make us want to throw our hands up and just do everything ourselves cause, might as well, right? They don’t do anything anyway.

Unfortunately, no.


It’s not only unfair to you, for shouldering other people’s responsibilities but it’s also not fair to them, they have to learn to work for things and not just get by.

So that’s one advice, I guess.


Everyone has to work together and share the work load. It’ll get the job done faster and way more efficiently, especially if you all work according to each other’s strengths.







Learn to use any and all forms of communication within your teams. Message one another and show up to meetings, it’s the best way to hold one another accountable for your respective responsibilities. It’s also the best way to discuss ideas or collaborate on some of the harder aspects of the assessment.


Do you consistently have problems while working in a team? Does it stress you out? Is it too challenging? There’s a workshop called Group Work 101. It’s happening this Thursday, the 17th of August at TLC 114 from 1 PM to 2 PM. 

Come along to prepare for group work and to see what makes a group successful! Registration link.