Rundown of Reminders

3 weeks in, just 9 weeks more! Here are some of the things happening around campus this week:

Fair Trade and Sustainability Festival

From the 4th of August to the 17th of August at the Bundoora Campus, several environmentally geared activities are happening around campus. The activities are to celebrate and raise awareness around the environment and the actions we can participate in to sustain and take care of it.

Here is the Calendar of Events!



August Internships

For anyone keen to do something over the summer or anyone wanting to bolster up their CV, I suggest you look into some internships that are up your alley. Employers want to see you have established the skills you put on your CV and seeing that you’ve undertaken an internship will definitely spike their interest.

There are several opportunities now on CareerHub.


World La Trobe Week

Celebrate this week that goes from 21st to 27th of August and join in the various activities in your respective campuses or join in the digital postcard! Here’s a link to the full programme of events and activities to participate in.

You can also create your own digital postcard at by clicking this link!

Census dates!

We’ll be writing a more in-depth blog explaining the different Census dates later in the week but here’s your reminder that the census dates are now up on the website.

Semester 2, 2017’s census date is the 22nd of August, Tuesday. This is the final day for your to tie all the loose ends surrounding your enrolment and the different subjects you are in.


That’s it for this week! I hope you have a good one. Stay productive!