Better Out Than In: Men’s Mental Health Event

Hello everyone! Today is the official start of Semester 2 at La Trobe. I think all of us could’ve used a couple of more weeks of holidays before coming back, but here we are. Uni is a great place to be, but sometimes things can get a little bit rough during the semester. The pressure of uni, combined with other commitments like work or family can have a toll on our mental health. Discussing mental health issues is never easy, and there is a particular stigma surrounding men’s mental health. To help get rid of the stigma, La Trobe is hosting the Better Out Than In event!


The aim of this talk is to reduce the taboo around men’s mental health issues. In partnership with the AFL Player’s Association and Beyond Blue, the event will offer the chance to hear stories and research on this important topic. It will take place on Thursday 27 of July, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in the Odeon Room. The host will be Nick Dal Santo, former AFL player, and includes a panel consisting of members of Beyond Blue and La Trobe University.



So get around it! You can register using this EventbriteĀ link. It will be a super interesting event and everyone should be informed onĀ this important topic. Also, make sure you check on your friends throughout the semester. Sometimes and a simple conversation can change a person’s day and help them during hard times. I wish you all luck for this semester, I’m sure you will do awesome! See you in another post.