New to La Trobe? Welcome!

Welcome! I hope you have the loveliest and most fulfilling time while you’re here. It is quite daunting being in a new place- nevermind as big and as important as your university. So here’s a bit of help!


We’ve written a lot of good blogs about tips and tricks on how to navigate the university that might interest you.

I highly highly recommend the MyLaTrobe App! Through this app, you can check when and where your next lecture is. You can also log in to LMS on the app. There is a special Careers feature that will help you ease your mind as to what profession you’ll want to be in in the future or just help you land a job that you need right now.

The LostOnCampus app is also very good so you don’t get lost ever again while at university.


At the centre of the campus is the Agora. There’s almost always something going on at the Agora.


Some days there will be people singing or dancing or celebrating their culture or protesting or asking you to sign a petition, the works! It’s, basically, the place to be (lol do people still say this? haha)

The Thursday Market

The La Trobe Student Union runs a market that operates every Thursday during the semester. It is open at 10 AM to 3 PM weekly at the Thomas Cherry Lawns near Subway. If you loiter around the campus, you’ll also be able to find the van that serves hot and fresh jam doughnuts (cheap and so so good).