So the results are in… what now?

It is that time of year… your hard work is done, results are out and you are either where you expected to sit or maybe feeling a little disappointed.

Some of us may have received a code like SPA or SAHA… what does this mean?  If you have received a result grade code on your transcript, find out what these mean by following this link.


For others of us we might not have achieved what we thought we should – take a quick look at your grade book and if you don’t think it adds up, double check with your tutor or subject coordinator.

What can you do if your results aren’t what you expected… and maybe you haven’t passed a prerequisite/core subject moving into Semester 2?

Well, first things first, take a deep breath, and remember this can be worked out.  It might not be the easiest pathway through your degree, but it is still doable.


La Trobe have loads of services you can tap into in order to help you move forward towards graduation.

Start here:


ASK La Trobe

There is some great advice on the ASK La Trobe website as to what you can do, if you have failed a subject, especially if it is a core subject.  Check our their information by following this link.

Or you can call ASK La Trobe on 1300 LA TROBE (1300 52 87623), drop in at their locations at your campus, or send them an online enquiry through their ask a question link.


Just remember…


There is help here if you need it… if you have struggled at some stage, you might have your own advice to add to the comments below to help out a fellow student in need.

Good luck heading into Semester 2 everyone!