Get Work Experience with Unitemps!

Hey guys! We are officially in the last week of exams and it feels so nice. The winter break is just around the corner, time to relax and have a well deserved holiday. It is also time to think about things to do during these free weeks and for next semester. One of the best things you can do is get some work experience! Having a job while studying really increases your skills, and will give you a big advantage when looking for work after you graduate. It also improves your finances, which we all love, right? But finding a job that fits our schedule can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Well, this is what Unitemps is here for!



Launched recently, Unitemps is our on-campus recruiting agency. Their aim is to provide us students with paid (!!!) work opportunities that fit around our timetables. These positions are mainly casual and part-time, with a few full time jobs available every now and then. When you register with Unitemps, you’ll start receiving alerts to your student email with the positions they have available. All positions will include the selection criteria and instructions on how to apply. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye out there for the positions that suit you and applying ASAP. Another plus is that many of these positions are on campus, so you don’t have to travel too much to get to work. It couldn’t be any easier, really.



If you want to register for Unitemps and find some more information, you can visit the uni’s website. Also, check out out other articles on work experience. When you are looking for work, it is very important to use all the resources available out there, and Unitemps is definitely a great place to start! So go get that work experience, you’ll thank yourself later on. Good luck if you have any exams left, and enjoy the break!