HUM2SLC – Service Learning in the Community

Hello everyone! I hope your exams are going very well. We are so close to being done I can feel the freedom already. But after finishing exams, we start worrying about the things we have to do for next semester. Getting some hands-on experience might be at the top of your priority list. If that is the case, then enrolling in HUM2SLC is your opportunity! This is a brand new elective available to us from Semester 2 of this year. The idea of the subject is to work in a group project that helps a community organisation, and get some credits while doing so!



This subject is available to second and third year students from both ASSC and SHE Colleges. To be able to enroll you need to have an elective available in your study plan. This is a good chance to gain new skills and knowledge, and get that work experience that is so difficult to find. You and your group will also have a mentor to help you out with the project. There are different projects for different organisations, and one of them even includes a trip to Samoa in September!



If you want to take this subject, get in quick! It will only be available to the first 30 students that enroll. To view the full details of the subject log in to CareerHub. There’s also another work placement elective for next semester, you can check it out on Veashka’s post! As you probably know, work experience is very important, so the sooner you get it the better. I wish you all the luck in your exams and see you in another post.