Rundown of Reminders: Allocate+ edition (with a bonus at the end!)

Allocate+ is quite fussy and technical which, it needs to be in order for it to be an efficient tool for us. But, to be honest, it took a good three semesters for things to click in place that Allocate+ had different modes- a preference mode and an adjustment mode- and that these modes had different schedules.


Preference Mode

Preference mode just requires you to enter your preferences. You get to rate your preferred time slots from 1 to… however many options the subject is offering. It is not first in, first served so, no need to rush.

Here’s the Guide To Preference Mode. With answers to questions like, “why did I not get my first preference?”  and exactly how to enter your preferences.


For semester 2 subjects, Preference Mode is until Wednesday, 14th of June.

If you don’t submit your preferences during Preference Mode, you’ll need to allocate yourself to your classes during the Allocation Adjustment period.

Adjustment Mode

Adjustment mode, now this, is the first come, first served mode.  This will open on Friday, the 16th of June and close Friday, 4th of August.


This mode allows you to check if you’ve been enrolled to a class and allocated to all the activities you’re supposed to be in. It also allows you to change classes if there are still available slots and if you weren’t able to, allocate yourself in any classes that you need to.

Tons of students will want to come on the site and have a go first so they can get their preferred time slots which will inevitably cause the system to crash which is why opening times are staggered across the day and are broken down into the school who delivers each subject. This means your subjects may open at different times throughout the day.

The earlier you log on, the better chance you’ll get at constructing your perfect timetable.


Here’s a Guide to the Allocation Adjustment Mode.

And, here’s the schedule for the various opening times:


For help, don’t ever hesitate talking to the people at ASK La Trobe or call 1300 LA TROBE (1300 528 7623).

For technical support, you can request assistance at all campuses via email to or by submitting a request for assistance.

You can also call (03) 9479 3694. Regional students can call 1300 786 535.



Psssst, tickets for the end of exams party on the 22nd of June are now up for grabs! More info over here!

Details of Bendigo’s end of exams party are now up on their website! This year, they have an alphabet theme (you gotta dress up in something that begins with the first letter of your name) (i’m kinda sorta jealous).