What To Bring To Your Exam!

It can be tempting to bring everything you can find in the Co-Op into your exam.  But in reality, you only need a few things to complete your exams successfully. But before we get started, make sure you look at the list of allowable materials in the exam timetable. Next to the duration of your exam, you are going  to find a cell with some numbers in it. These numbers represent any extra things that you can bring into the exam venue. This might include calculators, dictionaries, or even notes and books! So make sure you take a look at those for each one of your exams. Below is a little example of this:



You can find the Allowable Materials list on the third page of the exam timetable

What to Bring

  • Student id: It is super important that you don’t forget your student card! The supervisors will check your identity to make sure it’s actually you taking the exam. If you can’t bring your id, you need to bring another form of identification like a passport or an Australian driver’s license.
  • Pens, pens, pens: Make sure you bring at least two pens into the exam. You don’t want your only pen failing and not having a replacement. Also, consider bringing different coloured pens if you know you’ll be drawing any graphs or tables.
  • Comfortable clothing: You are going to be sitting down for a few hours in the exam venue. Make sure you show up in some comfortable clothes so you can focus on your exam. Also, layer up! A particular venue may be cold or hot, so make sure you are prepared for different temperatures.
  • Water bottle: Bring a full water bottle to stay hydrated during the exam.
  • Anything on the allowable materials list: As mentioned above, look at your exam timetable to see any extra things that you can bring with you.

Always double check the venue and time for an exam the night before, and try to get there a few minutes early so you can check your seat.


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What Not to Bring

  • Any notes or books: Unless it is in the allowable materials list, don’t bring any course content into the exam. You might get into trouble if they spot it, and its just best to avoid that.
  • Extra paper: If your handwriting is big, you might think you need more pieces of paper. But don’t bring these in yourself, the exam supervisors will provide you with extra paper if you need more space.
  • A smart-watch: You definitely need to keep track of time during an exam, but smart-watches are not permitted in the exam. There are plenty of clocks everywhere in the venue so you can keep track of time. If you like, you can bring a normal wrist watch, but it has to be on top of you desk at all times
  • Unnecessary things: Don’t bring things that you know you are not going to use. Why bring a ruler and ten different markers if you are not drawing anything? Think about the thing’s you’ll be doing and bring what’s necessary for that.

Also, when you go into the venue, you’ll need to put your bag at the front of the classroom. Make sure you have everything you need in your hands before the exam starts, don’t leave it in your bag! You’ll also have to put your personal belongings like cellphones and wallets inside a brown paper bag.


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Remember, less is more! Just bring what you need, go with your intuition and you’ll be fine. I wish you all the best with the rest of SWOTVAC and the beginning of your exams. You can do this!