Rundown Of Reminders – Week 12

Week 12 everyone! This is absolutely the most hectic time of the semester. I’ve spent more time at uni than at home for the past few days, and I’m sure most of you have too. With all these assignments and exam revision, we can sometimes forget about other things going on around us. But this is what Rundown of Reminders is for! Here are the things you need to remember for this week

Allocate+ opening today

Allocate+ is opening its preference mode today May 24, from 3 pm. You will be able to select your preferred time for each one of your classes. Preference mode closes on June 14, but I would recommend doing this as soon as possible. You might forget about it later with all the hassle from exams, and getting your preferred classes will be much more difficult. Read this quick guide on how to select your preferences if you are not very sure on how to do that. You can also look at the public timetable to make a draft of your schedule to make things easier.



Library extended hours

Since last week, the Borchardt Library¬†in the Bundoora campus has started opening every day for 24 hours! This means you get full access to library facilities to do your study during SWOTVAC and the exam period. These extended hours will last until the last day of the exam period, 22 June, 2017. ¬†This is good news if you need to do some late night studying or if you need to use the library after peak hours. To see the full details and opening hours for other campuses, visit La Trobe’s website.



Also, don’t forget to check on yourself and your friends. This time of the semester gets pretty stressful and having a conversation with someone can change your day and theirs! Keep studying hard and give that last push, SWOTVAC is almost here. Good luck with the rest of the week!