SWOT VAC is a blessing and a curse, at the same time. It is the best of both worlds- productivity and procrastination. Haha! No, really, SWOT VAC is basically a private study period before exams. There are no scheduled classes because you are meant to revise and study for your exams during this time period.

Every time SWOT VAC comes around, I’m both excited and both anxious for several reasons. It’s the best time to catch up on lectures and to revise but it’s also a good time to decompress from uni and step away for a little bit. Week 12 comes and you find yourself just burnt out from all the non-stop work you’ve been doing since Week 1.

I’m not saying I’ve mastered handling SWOT VAC since I’m still very much a citizen of procrastination nation but balance is key. Study hard, relax hard.

Check your exam timetable

This is essential. You have to know when your exams are so you know how to budget your time and space out your study load. If your exams are in the first week, maybe take a day off after and not before. You’ll probably need to just push through. If you’re like me and your exams are towards the end, maybe you can give yourself a day off here or there but don’t ever be complacent. Time is not always on your side. Now, once you’ve done that…

Plan your days


Pretty straightforward but it’s always good to try and get organised at the start. Plan what days you’ll study for one subject and what days you’ll study for the other. Put a free day in between here and there.



Evaluate yourself and see which subject you might struggle on and allot more time for that.

Give yourself a break


Whether it’s a whole day break or a few hours, always step away from revising from time to time. Your brain can reach its capacity too and you’ll only be sabotaging yourself if you keep pushing it even when it’s not internalising anything anymore.

Reward yourself


Maybe go out for dinner after a full day of studying or buy your favourite snacks to help you get through your revision notes. Have one m&m or your preferred lolly for every correct answer you get when you answer some practice quizzes. Get creative!

We all cope and strategise for exams and big responsibilities in different ways so do whatever works for you! But if you’re stuck in a rut, maybe try some of these to refresh yourself and your routine. Good luck, everyone!