Uni Hack: MyLaTrobe App

We’ve mentioned the MyLaTrobe App several times in other blog posts and we 100% recommend. It’s still in its starting stages but it’s already an efficient and immediate resource for us. You can find everything you need on the app (cause, you know, we all need yet another reason to be on our phones ;).

Source: giphy.com

iOS and Android versions of the app are available to download from both Apple and Google stores. There is also a web version of this service.

So, what’s so good about the app? Here are some of the features:

  • My Study

With this feature, you can check when and where your next lecture is. You don’t have to keep logging on to Allocate to look at your timetable! You can go to this feature to log in to LMS, library accounts, and to get in touch with student advisors.

  • My Tools

This is where you can find your own campus map and the academic calendar. Find out where best to park or what time the bus or tram comes.

  • Career Ready

Probably the best and most valuable feature of the app. Take action and prepare for your future career. Here, you can learn about the qualities and personal attributes valued by employers, and undertake activities to make sure you meet them. The Career Ready dashboard is there for you to track your progress. The more action you take towards improving your skills, the more rewards you can unlock.

  • Connect

Get the latest news and updates on student clubs and societies! Campus-wide events and promotions are also advertised here.

  • Support

Connect with mentors and advisors. Course FAQs, counselling career services, accommodation services, childcare, and so on, can also be found in this feature.

The app is consistently being updated and upgraded but it’s really good right now as it is. It’s extremely user-friendly and gives me everything I need right away- without me having to manoeuvre around other websites that need my log in and all that. Download it now and thank me later!