Allocate+ Opening Next Week!

Week 11 already guys! The end of the semester is fast approaching. This is the most hectic time ever, with the due dates for our assignments closer than ever. Your timetable for next semester is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but the end of the semester means that we have to start thinking about Winter and Semester 2 enrollment! Allocate+ opens next week, and here are the key dates that you have to keep in mind.



Monday 22 May: Timetable released

On Monday week 12, the official timetable for Semester 2 will be released! You can check the availability of the subjects you want to take, their classes and all the times available for each class you want enroll in. It’s good to take a look at the subjects your are going to take and make a draft timetable. This will make your life easier when you select your preferences during allocation.

Wednesday 24 May: Preference mode opens 

Preference mode opens on Wednesday. Here, you can select the preferred times for your classes. For each class, the system will allow you to rank each time from highest to lowest preference, so you have a greater chance of getting the classes you want. Note that preference mode is not first-in-first-served, so all preference choices made before 14 of June have equal weight to the system. There is also no guarantee that you will be allocated in the class you have selected. Getting your first preference will depend on the popularity of that class. So it is important to always have a plan B just in case! After 14 June, the system will close for sorting and reviewing. Learn more about preference mode here.



Friday 16 of June: First in, first served mode opens

The most important time of the enrollment process is when first-in-first-served mode opens. During this time, you will have to allocate yourself into the classes the system has chosen for you (hopefully your first preference). You may also allocate yourself into different times is you change your mind. It is very important that you enroll in your choices quickly. If other people enroll into that class before you and it becomes full, you’ll have to choose another time. Adjustment mode will remain open until August 4. To know how to allocate yourself into classes, watch this video!



Keep an eye on the dates above, plan you subjects ahead, and you should be fine! If you wish to look at the current (non-official) timetable, you can go here so you get an idea of your class times for next semester. Good luck with the last two weeks! See you in another post.