La Trobe Volunteeting Expo!

Volunteering has a huge range of benefits for society and for you. It can develop different sets of skills, help you network with all sorts of people, and makes you feel great when helping those in need! That said, finding the time for volunteering is not always that easy. With uni, work, and other commitments we all have, volunteering is not at the top of our priorities. But setting some time apart every now and then to help a cause can be very good for you and your resume!



If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, your time has come! Tomorrow, May 11, La Trobe is hosting the Career Ready Volunteering Expo. Here, you will have the chance to connect with big non-profit organizations such as The Wilderness Society, Amnesty International and the Australian Red Cross. You will learn what it takes to get involved with them and help the causes you care about.



The event will take place in the Western Lecture Theatre 2, in the Bundoora Campus, from 12 pm to 2 pm. If you want to attend, you need to register for the event, so book your spot on CareerHub now! Also, if you attend the expo, you will be eligible for credits towards your Career Ready account.



If you are still unsure about what volunteering can do for you and the world, give this article a quick read. I hope you all attend the Expo tomorrow and get volunteering. Good luck with the last few weeks of the semester, and see you in another post.