Exam Season Is Upon Us

B l i n k and you’ll miss it.

This semester has flown by so fast and here we are, fast approaching exam time. Time for us to hustle and prove that we’ve paid attention and are proactive with our learning! Make those $$$ and sleepless nights worth it!

Now if this is your first University Exam experience and you want to know exactly how much it will demand of you and how to handle it, there are a couple of workshops that you can take advantage of that are happening over the next few weeks leading up to SWOTVAC.

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If you’re a visual learner/reviser:

This workshop at TLC 312 on Thursday, the 11th of May which focuses on exam preparation with a focus on concept map making, summary development, and integrating flow charts into your revision notes. They will help you keep your notes and therefore, your revision time short and sweet!

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Book your spot here!

7 Tips for Exam Success

In the past, we’ve written some blog posts about exam tips and tricks we swear by. But if you’re more inclined to do so, there is a workshop on Wednesday the 7th of May at TLC 315. The facilitators will talk about efficient note-taking, balancing studying for your subjects, time management, and so on. All the factors involved in preparing for exams.

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I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who feels they can improve their exam prep, which I would think all of us do. There’s always room for improvement and more learning (more learning… oh no haha just kidding!).

Click this link to book yourself a spot!

P.S.: This event has a repeat session on the 25th of May, if you can’t make it to this first one.

There’s also a special page for exam preparation on La Trobe’s website which has helped me in infinite ways:

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Exams are always tough and the only way out of them is through. Just put in the work and try to internalise all that you can, the rest will come easy. Good luck!