Check your Exam Timetable!


Week 9 everyone! Classes are almost finished and that feels very nice. What doesn’t feel as nice is having 3 assignments due week 12, but let’s just ignore that for the moment. Honestly, we are all probably freaking out with the amount of work we have to do at this point in the semester. On top of that, week 9 also means that the exam timetable is finally out! So we can start to freak out even further.



This timetable has all of the information you need for the exam period, including date, time and venue for each of your exams. It also includes information on the things that you can and can’t bring into your exam venues. The release of the timetable is a good thing though, as it lets you plan in advance a study schedule. So make sure you go check it out here. Also, keep an eye on the timetable from time to time as any exam time and venue can change without any notice. Your lecturer will usually let you know if any changes happen, but it’s good to check it yourself anyway. I wish you all the best with any assignments that you have left and I’ll see you in another post!



PS: If you are struggling a lot during this time of the semester, read our blog post about support services available at uni.