Fighting the Three-Quarter Semester Blues: Lack of Motivation

The last quarter of the semester can  be the toughest for most of us. We are already tired from long weeks of work, and new deadlines are usually very close. Some of us may even not have any idea about our subjects at this point, and it can get pretty frustrating. This is the part of the semester we can experience a lack of motivation. This is completely normal. We are tired from work and study, and knowing that more work and exams are yet to come is not the definition of exciting. Here are a few things that you can do to keep motivation up or bring it back!

Set some short term goals

Instead of thinking of the super big picture, try to break up your goals into smaller ones. Looking at all the things you have to do as a whole can be very overwhelming. But splitting them into smaller ones can really help keep your motivation up. For example, if you have to solve 10 problems to complete an assignment, try to set the goal to complete one problem per day or one every two days, depending on the deadline. This is much better than just cramming all the work the day before this assignment is due. This method will make you realize that you can actually get things done!



Remember your accomplishments

When things get rough, remember any good things you might have done recently. Whether it’s a good grade you got in an assignment, getting into university, or something you did at work, reflect on that and feel proud about it. Remembering your previous successes can be very inspiring and can help you to keep going.



Reward yourself

Life is all about balance. All work and no play is a terrible thought. That’s why you need to make sure your reward your successes from time to time. Plan for some you time when you finish a piece of work or do that task that’s been bugging you. Go do some exercise, eat that meal you’ve been thinking of, go out with some friends, watch some Netflix. Whatever is best for you, just make sure you set some time apart for doing the things you like. Taking some time off can boost your motivation more than you think.



Go out there and find that motivation! It’s a very important thing to have now that the semester is ending. Also, remember to talk to friends or family if you are having any problems. Hopefully you find these tips useful, and good luck with these last few weeks.