Interview with Ian Potter

Hey everyone! Here we are! Back at it again! But to not make it so dreary and sad and routine-like, I have an interesting blog post for you today.


Earlier this semester, I interviewed Ian Potter, College of SHE Senior Lecturer and all around great person. We talked about a number of things, most of them not university related and overall, it was loads of fun. Us here at the ‘That’s What SHE Said’ Blog wanted to do this initiative to help students get to know the people in our college, especially the lecturers, demonstrators, and staff that we interact with a lot. Sometimes, we fail to realise or register that they’re people, too- with hobbies, interests, and quirks that we might appreciate them even more for.

We did our interview at the One Button Studios over at ED2 – 327 (highly recommend it, btw! here’s the link to know more about it). Here are some clips from our interview that I thought you’d all enjoy.

Ian Potter got his undergraduate degree at Monash University and did his further postgraduate studies- in particular, Chemistry at La Trobe University. After exchanging pleasantries and asking him a little bit about his university background, I started off with the question:

What are three interesting non-academic facts about you?

I also asked him what advice he’d give himself if he were a student again.

This answer resonated to me because some of us do forget to enjoy this experience. We get overwhelmed and we think too much about what responsibilities are on our plate that we tend to just say no to a lot of things when really, we should have fun and make the most out of this experience and the people we get out of it.

What is the most important thing you want students to take away from here when they leave?

One of the most interesting things I like asking other people in my course was why they chose to do this course in the first place so I was very excited to ask Mr. Potter why he chose Science as a career path and his answer didn’t disappoint.

What is the thing you most enjoy about La Trobe?

Have you always seen yourself to be doing what you’re doing now? Or were there some trial and error decisions along the way?

I want to extend my gratitude to Ian for allowing me to interview him for ‘That’s What She Said’ Blog. I throughly enjoyed our conversation and time together. I hope you enjoyed this post, too!

Have a good weekend!