Having Second Thoughts: Is My Course Right for Me?

Feeling unsure about the degree you are doing? Don’t worry about it, this is a perfectly normal feeling, specially if you have just started. Everyone at uni has probably felt this way at some point. For instance, the first course I started was Mathematics, but I ended up transferring to Computer Science (yes, I am a nerd). On top of that, I ended up changing universities AND countries. My degree has been quite a ride now that I think about it. Fortunately, I can finally say I’m doing what I enjoy. So if you are not very sure about the course that you are doing, do not be afraid to explore other options.


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Look for support

If you are considering changing careers or just want to talk to someone about your concerns, La Trobe’s Career Advisers is a good place to start. They can help you make a good and informed decision if you want to take a new path, based on your interests and skills. You can book an appointment with them logging in to CareerHub.

Also, don’t discard the advice that friends and family can give you. People that know you can also help you make a choice!


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Transfer courses

If you have given it enough thought and decided that you want to take another path, you can apply to change courses here at La Trobe. If you wish to start a new course in Semester 2, 2017, the application deadline for both SHE and ASSC Colleges is 10 of July, 2017. To submit your application, all you need to do is submit a Course Transfer form to Ask La Trobe or your Student Administration Office. If you are an international student, you need to get the form approved by the International Office before you submit it.

The aspects they consider for your application will be your academic performance, length of time in your current course, places available in the course you want to transfer, among other things. All of the details for transferring courses and the forms you need to submit can be found here. Health Science students have a different transfer process, so read carefully if that is your case!


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Make sure you talk things out if you are having second thoughts. Use the university’s resources available to you, do some online research, and talk to your friends and family. Also, take a look at the Career Options page. There, you can see potential career outcomes for different courses and disciplines. It will give you valuable insight and help you decide if you are on the right track or not. You can also check out some FAQs about careers on the uni’s website.

I hope that you are all in the course you like, and if not, I hope you find it quickly! See you in another post.