Things Not Going Well? Know Where To Go

Sometimes things do not go as planned. You may be feeling a little bit lost and overwhelmed with this whole university deal. Maybe you got the marks for your first assignment and they were not what you were waiting for, or perhaps uni life in general has not been up to your expectations. We all know that sometimes things might not be going very well, and that is completely fine! The important thing is to know where to look for help to solve our problems. Thankfully, La Trobe has a range of services to help us get back on track.

Student Development Advisers (SDA)

If you don’t know where to go, this is the place to start. With their motto “No problem is too small for an SDA”, they are definitely here to help! The SDA program is meant to guide your life at university and help you make the most of your time here. The SDAs can help you with several things including time management, developing effective study techniques, and they can link you to other uni resources you may need. They run face to face sessions across all campuses, or you can contact them online if you prefer to. You can book an appointment with them here. If you wish to find out a bit more about what they do and their availability, you can visit the uni’s website. You can also look at Mel’s blog post about her SDA experience!


Peer Learning Advisers (PLA)

The PLAs are experienced and successful students that can help you with the academic side of uni. They can assist you with assignment writing, time management, research skills, and even some maths and statistics. They run drop-in sessions in the libraries of each campus, and they come from a variety of disciplines, so there’s surely someone able to help you! Group workshops are also being ran by the PLAs, so you can join them to get on top of your studies. Click here to view their availability and find out more info about them.



Counselling Service 

If the issues you are currently facing are more psychological, the Counselling Service can give you a hand. They are a group of psychologists and social workers, and provide short term counselling to students. The meetings are strictly confidential and free, so you can talk to them comfortably about your problems. They provide face to face, telephone or Skype sessions. To view some more information and book an appointment, visit La Trobe’s website.



Hopefully things are going very well and there’s no need to use these services, but it’s always good to be aware that they exist and where to find them. If you have any other services that you have used, we would like to read it in the comments! Good luck with the next half of the semester and see you in another post!