Prepare for your Mid Semester Exams!

We are officially halfway through the semester people! It has gone by so fast I cannot believe it. At this point I can almost feel the joy relaxing a little bit during the mid semester break. Unfortunately, there’s still a few days to go before this happens. For now, we are stuck in weeks 6 and 7, and they come with some mid semester exams! If you are finding it a little bit difficult to prepare, here are a few tips to help you out.

Write down your key dates

Writing down the dates of your tests is very important, specially if you have more than one! When you are all stressed out, you might get a few things mixed up. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than confusing the dates of two different exams. Writing them down on a calendar, agenda or wall planner will help you keep the dates in mind and avoid mixing stuff up.



Be clear about the content and gather your resources

Ask your lecturer about the content that will be on the exam. In some cases, not all of the things taught in class are assessed. Make sure you are clear so you don’t waste time studying unnecessary stuff. After you know what topics are going to be evaluated, gather up all of the resources you have about them. Lecture notes, text books, tutorials or any other material that might help you prepare is good. Keep them handy and organised for when you need them.



Plan your study and start early

Now here comes the difficult part! Organizing a study schedule and sticking to it is more challenging than it sounds, but it makes everything soooo much easier. Try to break all the content into small blocks and distribute those pieces evenly throughout the days before the exam. This way, you’ll study a little bit every day instead of just cramming all the content the day before. You’ll see a huge difference in your stress levels and productivity! This will also allow you to look for help early if you need it.

Speaking of help, do not be afraid of getting it. Whether is talking to your lecturer, your tutor, or asking the smart kids in class, it’s better to resolve your doubts early in the subject before they start accumulating. You want to avoid getting to the exam period with a bunch of unanswered questions!



Allow some “you” time

Things can get a little bit stressful with all of these studying, assignments and exams. Make sure you dedicate some time to yourself and the things you enjoy doing. Watching some Netflix, playing some sports, or just reading a good book, go do what you like and relax a little bit. Just don’t let a study break last forever (we’ve all done it). Also, try to get some good sleep the night before your exam, and some good breakfast on that day. You’ll surely perform better!



Hope that you guys find these tips useful, and if you have any other recommendations or personal opinions, let us know in the comments! I wish you all the best of luck with your midterms, and see you in another post!