Watch the Join The Dots Webinar!

Hello everyone!



Yesterday, 28th of March, La Trobe hosted the Join The Dots webinar! A group of experienced students talked about their experience at university and gave a bunch of tips on how to become a pro yourself! They covered a lot of topics that you might find useful, and also answered a lot of questions from students. If you missed it, there’s no need to worry. It was recorded and it’s now available in the Student Union’s Facebook page.



Make sure you go take a look at it, specially if you’re still a little bit lost with this whole uni deal. The students were all from different backgrounds and gave valuable insight on the stuff they discussed. They even revealed their secret study spots on campus (not so secret now). If you have any other questions about uni or any other concerns, take a look at our post about uni services available to you. You can also leave questions in the comments here and we’ll be more than happy to help! I wish you all luck with your upcoming assessments, and see you in another post.