LIMS and the Scientific Image

There are so many things happening at uni that it does get overwhelming but sometimes, an event comes and it’s something you never knew was right up your alley until you read about it and it peaks your interest. That’s how I felt about this one.


On the 23rd of March, the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science invites you to attend the launch of its inaugural image exhibition “LIMS and the Scientific Image”

Imaging is a cornerstone of scientific discovery in the 21st century. Using specialised equipment, scientists can now capture the intricate workings of an undiscovered molecular world, culminating in world class discoveries that are both globally significant and visually intriguing.

Book yourself a spot here.


This is a free event to showcase the winning images of the image competition that was ran in January 2017. The competition was open to La Trobe academic and professional staff, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students. The images were assessed by a judging panel on the scientific merit, aesthetic appeal, and technical quality. A people’s choice winner was also selected.

I remember my friends, who were Biochemistry majors, submitted some of their work to last year’s competition and one of them ended up winning and she had her image printed out on a shirt. It looked boss.

Register and join us at the opening of the exhibit to meet the brains behind the winning images and also take a tour of LIMS!