Thinking of withdrawing from a subject? Dates you need to know…

So, there are these important dates called ‘Census Dates’ you may have read about in an email, or seen on the La Trobe website.

These dates are really important if you are thinking about withdrawing from a subject for 2 main reasons:

  1. To avoid paying for a subject you don’t finish
  2. To avoid getting a fail grade on your academic record


See… two REALLY good reasons to take note of these dates.

  1. To avoid paying for the subject, withdraw by 28th March 2017


2. To avoid a fail grade on your permanent academic record, you can withdraw by the 26th April 2017 (but you will still need to pay for the subject).


More information about census dates is available here.

If you need help to make any of these decisions, remember La Trobe has loads of services to help you out, see the links below for information on these services.  Have a great week everyone.

Student Development Advisors

Student Well Being