Rundown of Reminders: Off To a Good Start at Uni

Week 3 boys and girls! With assignments and other assessments coming through, we sometimes forget other parts of uni life. But my job is to remind you what’s coming up! So these are the things to keep in mind for this week.



#How2Uni Workshops

The How to Uni workshops will help you figure out how to deal with university. Here, you’ll learn how to manage your time, how to study and take notes properly, and the resources La Trobe has available for you. Make sure you check out these workshops as they will make your life at uni so much easier. Follow this link to learn a little bit more about the event and register for free!

Academic Integrity and Wominjeka modules

You will see these two modules in your LMS page. If have been ignoring them over the past few weeks (like I did in first year), remember they are compulsory! They are both super easy and won’t take too much time to do, so make sure you do them soon.

Good luck with the rest of your week and see you in another post!