How To: Referencing Tool

Buckle up, kids! Here we go! It’s assignments time!


Week 3 is usually when lecturers and demonstrators start constantly and consistently reminding you of the assignments that they told you about. They’ll start dropping hints that you should get started on the tasks that they’ve given you (here’s a piece of advice: you should listen to them).


One thing that you’ll be doing a lot throughout university is referencing. Literally, you’ll have to reference almost everything that you write on a report. There are various styles that your subject will demand you use. Each style has their own format and rules that you have to follow and adhere to. There’s the APA (American Psychological Association) style which is usually used by Psychology, Science, and Education subjects. This one is an author/date based style. Another popular one is the Harvard style of referencing which is quite similar to APA but is used more in Humanities subjects.

No one expects you to remember all the rules that come with each style, the library’s website actually has a Referencing Tool that helps you. It’s found under the Quicklinks tab on the upper right hand side of the home page.


Just click on the style you want to use then you’ll have to pick which type of resource are you referencing may it be a book, a journal article, the World Wide Web, and so on. Just follow the prompts and at the end you’ll be handed everything on a silver platter like this:

It shows you exactly how to reference it within the text and in the reference list. It is honestly a gem and has saved me and my tired brain so many times. I probably owe like, 28% of my degree to the referencing tool.

I hope it is as helpful to you as it has been to me! Good luck with your assignments!