Surviving Your First SHE Assignment

We are already in Week 3 and this usually means one (terrible) thing: assessments are coming through! At this time of the semester is when most of us get our first assignments or quizzes, and it can get a little bit stressful. If we don’t organize ourselves properly, things can get challenging and messy. But there’s no need for desperation, read on to learn a few tips on how to ace your assessments.


when you have 3 assignments due Week 4


Look at requirements

Before you write a single word of your assignment, make sure you read and understand all of the instructions and requirements. If you don’t do so, you’ll probably end up doing something wrong. The worst thing at uni is doing a bunch of work and later realizing you did something wrong and having to start all over again. If you have any questions about requirements, ask your lecturer! They are always willing to clarify things for you.



Write down due dates

If you have several assessments due for different subjects on different dates, you might forget something or mix stuff up, and nobody wants that. I like to write the due dates down on a calendar or planner so I always have them present and there’s no confusion. You can pick up a wall planner from the Co-op or the Student Union for this. Planning your semester with a calendar will make things waaaaaay easier.

Do your research

Once you have you have understood the requirements and know the due date, it’s time to start reading and researching. Take a look at your lectures notes, any summaries you might have done, and your textbook. You can also look at other similar papers online for inspiration and ideas (make sure they are from trustworthy sources). And remember, if you are going to quote or use some information, make sure you reference properly. Your assignment will tell you the referencing style that you need to use. Since citation can be tricky and tedious, La Trobe has put together a Referencing Tool to help you out.



Make a game plan

Try to start your assignments as soon as they send them to you. This will give you plenty of time for research and getting any help if you need it. Do not leave things for last minute. This will only result in stress and tears. You can get a much better grade if you plan your work ahead of time. I like to make a little schedule and divide my work load into several days. Make sure you leave some time for relaxing and taking breaks as well. Also, if possible, leave some time for proofreading and double checking you assignment.



Good luck with your assignments guys, you can do it! See you in another post.