Celebrate Pride! Here’s how you can get involved…

I love a reason to celebrate.  My kids’ Birthdays, Christmas, Easter – heck I will organise a night out for a good Uni result… but when I heard about La Trobe celebrating ’50 years of Queer’ I smiled and felt proud…


Our Queer Counsellor, Davina Morley, is calling for La Trobe students to come and showcase, share (or contribute) what you have been doing as a student to make our University inclusive, safe and accepting for LGBTIQA or queer peoples.

It is all happening Tuesday 21st March, Bundoora Campus 

That’s less than 3 weeks away!


Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Are you conducting research with the LGBTIQA community and would like to share it?
  • Are you studying queer theory or history?
  • Do you have a particular take on ’50 years of Queer’ that needs to be heard?
  • Are you a passionate ally?


Let’s celebrate La Trobe’s progressiveness and collective queerness!

To contribute, participate or if you need further details, please contact Davina Morley, Queer Counsellor on d.morley@latrobe.edu.au or phone (03) 9479 2956.






  1. Hi Davina,
    What time will that pride march be and where abouts? I’d love to be involved.

    • Hi David,
      The march will be held on Thursday 21st of March, in the Bundoora Campus. You can give Davina a call on 9479 2956 to find the exact time. Cheers, Alejandro :).

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