So. We all know university is quite a while. By that, I mean, it’s long and arduous and more than likely that towards the end of it, you’re just over the whole thing. You just want to be finished and you start saying things like “you know what? I really don’t care anymore! Whatever!”

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…sounds familiar, eh? Yep. I’ve been there, done that. Uni does take a toll on you and your motivation. The longer it has been, the shorter your patience is and the more the workload and the less you want to do any of it. Which is why, a strong start is so important.

Starting university off on the right foot is one of the best advices you could ever receive and take to heart. A good start is something you can build on. Remember:

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The Student Transition, Achievement and Retention (STAR) team is offering a fantastic workshop for new and continuing students that focuses on getting a good start.

What will you learn?

  • Time management
  • Note taking/studying tips and tools
  • Networking and engaging with fellow students
  • Useful resources and services at La Trobe
  • Health and wellbeing

Click on this link to register and know more about the event.




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