Gold Pass Pre-Orientation Event: Biomed

Last Friday, the 10th of February, the College of Science, Health, and Engineering held a Pre-Orientation Event for incoming double degree and Biomedical Science students. The two groups were separated into two different rooms for better information dissemination. The two groups had different questions and required different people to answer so it only made sense.

The event began with a brief introduction by Transition Coordinator, Ms. Tania Blanksby. She welcomed the students to the University, explained what they can expect to get out of the event, and introduced the other speakers.

The event was set in place for these students to acquire all the knowledge that they need and want going forth. The speakers spoke about the transition from high school to university and how you will be handed a lot more responsibility and you’ll be more in control of how you manage your time. They spoke about the Biomedical Science degree in general and how it would open a lot of doors & opportunities for you. They talked a little bit about the LMS, how important going to lectures and tutes are, etc etc.

The speakers narrated their own experiences at University and how they ended up doing what they do now. (One lesson: your journey is never going to be a straight line. Let yourself take detours, it will help you appreciate the end results more.) The speakers also gave the incoming students some tips and tricks that they thought would come in handy once uni starts up again.

This was followed up by a Q&A portion where students asked a lot of questions about the different subjects, possible scholarships and exchange opportunities that they wanted to look in to, etc.

A few PhD students were also on hand and were there to talk about their research and what they have accomplished while they’ve been at La Trobe.

In the photo above: Stephanie Paone talking about the research she has done in connection to atherosclerosis.

The students also played different games to break the ice and which gave them an opportunity to introduce themselves to one another.

They also played human BINGO where the piece of paper that were given had different traits and interesting facts on the different blocks (instead of numbers) and they had to look for people who matched the traits and list them down. This activity definitely helped everyone get out of their seats and talk to people who weren’t necessarily seated in their vicinity.

Since there wasn’t a lot of them, this set of students decided to put tables together and rotate the papers within themselves to make the activity more efficient. (They’re showing tons of promise, eh?)





The winners of the BINGO game even got a prize. Here’s Cameron with his.







Afterwards, both groups went on a brief tour of the campus. They were shown the relevant buildings where they would have their lectures and they even got a glimpse of the research labs at La Trobe. Everyone then met up at the LIMS lawn for lunch. There was an array of sandwiches and different finger food and even better conversation.

The pre-orientation served its purposed and was not only successful but it helped connect students to one another. I saw a lot of people exchanging details and hanging out even after the event. I missed out on my orientation week because I was not in the country so trust me when I say, I highly recommend going to organised events like this because the information imparted during it will be so valuable to you. Going to these events will not only help you feel productive and that you’re starting university on the right foot and the right mindset but it will also help you make friends and get to know the academics that will be guiding you in the years to come.