WIN a Co-op Voucher Valued at $50!


Oh I love a good competition.  Especially ones where you don’t have to come up with a little poem or 25 words or less. Recently I entered a competition for my kids where I had to write a little jingle… and I thought my efforts were 5 star!  Yeah no lol but I’ll keep trying.

Good news!

(Yes I really love Bad Cat Memes – I mean that face is just so cranky it makes me smile)



This competition is a lot easier… all you need to do to be in the draw is to re-enrol in your 2017 subjects by Wednesday 21 December!

It is that easy!

Who Can Enter?

All students from all campuses who have re-enrolled by 21 December will be eligible to win one of the 10 vouchers.  If you are the lucky winner, you will be notified via your student email.

If you are not sure about your subject selection just yet, enrolling now doesn’t mean you can’t change them later if you need to.  You will have plenty of time  to make changes before Allocate+ opens for your timetable and before the 2017 Semester starts. Click here for more information on how to re-enrol for 2017 through your student online account.