Computer Science and IT: Industry Based Learning

Getting your first job is one of the most important (and challenging) things to do with our careers. What if I told you you have the opportunity to do that while studying? The Department of Computer Science and IT offers a work placement program for students called the Industry Based Learning Program (IBL). This program aims to give students relevant work experience before graduation, working and developing their skills in real life projects. Participation on the IBL also counts as a uni subject, so you can also earn credits while you work. Does it get better than that?!



The Industry Based Learning Program is available for the Bendigo and Melbourne campuses, and it lets you work for up to 10 months with one of La Trobe’s industry partners. From retailers and transport businesses to tech startups, there are companies of all sorts looking for students like you to help them out. This is the perfect opportunity to put those ninja coding skills to good use! Getting to work in the IBL Program will definitely give you a head start for your future job search. This will also allow you to make important connections with professionals from your field of study.



To find more information and apply for the IBL Program, you can visit the department’s website. There are also other options for scholarships and projects on that webpage. If you have any doubt about the program, you can contact the Bendigo and Melbourne coordinators. So go, apply, and get that experience! Gaining work skills at uni will make you more employable when you graduate, so you get those job offers quick! You will definitely learn a lot and thank yourself in the future. Good luck to everyone and see you in another post!