What’s next?

I know you already get this question enough from your parents or relatives or the people around you but they ask it for a reason. I don’t expect an answer from you right now (or ever) but just get the ball rolling in your head and trust the process, I’m sure things will click together soon enough.


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I’m extremely indecisive and I’m trying to fix that because it’s because of it that it took me so long to figure out a major, even a course to start with. I had to really think about it, ask a lot of people and even now, if I’m honest, I still ask myself if I’m genuinely in the right place. You’re not alone in having second thoughts or doubting if you can do it. Seriously, have an honest chat with your friends and they’re probably right there with you.

On the other hand, I know someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do and pursued it with passion. It was inspiring. Not to say they didn’t struggle as well because even if you love what you’re learning about and love what you’re doing, that does not guarantee as smooth ride.


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For first years and second years,

Most likely the next thing for you is another year of university. It’ll be another year of routine and reports and assessments but it’ll also be another year closer to finishing and getting this goal accomplished and that’s what matters.


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For third years,

I hope you’ve figured it all out. If not, I hope you’ve figured some bits and pieces of it out. You’re going to be thrusted into the “real world” and that’s going to be tough. But you did survive 3 years of university so of course you’re gonna survive whatever else life with throw at you! My biggest suggestion probably is, if you can afford it- time-wise and expenses-wise, go on a trip. It’ll be one of the best rewards you’ll give to your self and will reap you long-term benefits. The world is your oyster, make the most of it!


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For everyone, 

Enjoy the summer! Enjoy the free time. Sleep for days on end (I know that’s what I’m planning to do). Spend time with your friends, spend time with your family, spend time with yourself. Get away from where you are and go on a long road trip or go out of town. Better yet, go out of the country! Involve yourself in some activity for the summer. Work hard. Go to the beach. There’s so much to do so better get started.

Good luck on your exams and have a memorable summer, everyone!